Grade 1S Routines and Expectations

Grade 1S Routines and Expectations

Routines and Expectations


The start of our day is 8:35 am this year!  Please make an effort to be here on time or even early.  Having students come into the classroom late is disruptive to the flow of our day.  If you know this will be tough for you, plan to arrive early; there is adult supervision outside 10 minutes before the day begins, as well, the doors open at 8:25 am.



1S students are dismissed from the North doors, near our classroom.  They are released onto the playground at 3:30, and you must collect them before 3:40.  Friday dismissal is at 1:45. 



Email is the easiest and most efficient way to contact me as emails are checked at the beginning and end of each day.  Student absences or late arrivals can be reported to the office from the main CCS webpage. Phone messages can be left with the office as well at 403-242-2896.

Newsletters will not come home in paper form. In an effort to be "earth keepers," you will instead find the newsletter on my webpage.  Both the school and classroom newsletters will also be emailed to you. PLEASE ENSURE WE HAVE YOUR CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS!  

Scholastic book orders are sent out monthly on the last Friday of each month.  You can pay online by going to the Scholastic website and using your credit card when prompted to pay for your order. (Note: Look for Mrs. Grace Ermter's name to make your order). Generally, the order is placed one week after the flyers have been sent home (the first Friday of the month).

SEESAW is an app that we will be using in the classroom to communicate learning that is happening during the day. Sometimes you'll receive notifications in real-time about activities and skills your child is practicing. There will be weekly posts that give you a glimpse of life in Grade 1S. Once the children's digital portfolios have been set up you will receive an invitation to get connected to view only your child's work online. Keep your eyes open for that communication tool to be set up!



The expectations for homework in Grade One are limited to about 10-15 minutes. At the beginning of the year and for the first several months there will be "sight word cards" coming home regularly. It is super helpful for your child's reading development if you practice these words routinely. At first you'll be done in minutes, but as the repertoire grows it will take a bit longer.

Beginning later in September, you should see a "home reading bag" come home with one or two books. PLEASE SEND THAT BAG TO SCHOOL EACH DAY WHETHER OR NOT YOU'VE HAD A CHANCE TO PRACTICE THE BOOK. Again developing a consistent routine/time for practice will serve your child well.



We love to celebrate your child's birthday during the year! This year we are encouraging you to consider donating a book to the classroom instead of bringing in birthday treats.  The class will have an opportunity to remember your child’s birthday as we revisit reading the book over and over throughout the year. If you would still prefer to bring a treat, please make an effort to prepare a healthy snack.

CCS is a nut-free zone!  Please remember this when packing snacks and lunches. Candy and/or chocolate bars are highly discouraged. Healthy, nutritious lunches will contribute to learning.

*Hot Lunches will be on Wednesdays. Please keep your eyes open for more information soon regarding signing up for this program.

*Microwavable lunches are welcome in the classroom. Be courteous and allow others use of the microwave by not sending a lunch that needs heating each day.  Sandwiches and buns will not be allowed in the microwave or we would never have the time to eat!!

Girls:  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Boys:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

*Water bottles are sent home at the end of each week for washing. Please remember to return them at the beginning of the week. This eliminates the need for students to leave the classroom for water breaks. Rectangle or square-based bottles are best since they don't roll off desks!



This year our school chapel times will be on Thursday mornings at 8:50.  Please feel free to join us for any or all of these times. Check the school calendar to make sure of the dates!



Grade 1S will have library on THURSDAYS. Library book bags should be returned weekly since your child will not be able to take out a new book unless the book signed out is returned.  No late fees are charged, but replacement fees will be incurred if a book is lost.



Mrs. Ermter will be teaching Math to IS students while Mrs. Schollaardt teaches Social Studies and Bible to 4W.